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How Whole Body Vibrational Training Tackles Abdominal Fat

Vibrational Training  helps you shake off  abdominal fat  and keep it off!!! A lot has been written in the last few years about how important it is for us to lose excess belly fat.   Belly fat can be a combination of … Continue reading

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Prevent Back Pain – Get On The Ball (Chair)

At conferences and tradeshows, I’m often asked why I choose the Zenzu Ball Chair over a traditional exercise ball.  There are several reasons: 1. The steel frame of the Zenzu Ball Chair is height adjustable, which allows users of all … Continue reading

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Exercising with Resistance Chair if over 80 and not in shape??

You are NEVER too old or too out of shape to start exercising. One of the greatest advantages of the Resistance Chair is that from a safe, seated position you can do a full body workout that is gentle on your joints … Continue reading

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