Ask A Therapist…..Even if She’s Your Mom

My son was in a vehicle accident the other day.  Suffice to say that I am thankful that he walked away with relatively minor injuries: some open wounds on his heel and knee, and soft-tissue damage and swelling on one hand. Still, they were injuries that required attention.

He only told me about the accident two days afterward, sparing me because I would worry. But when he finally fessed up, I raced over
with an arsenal of remedies, from homeopathic tinctures to medical devices that use infrared technologies.

Fortunately, he was born to a mother who is a trained physiotherapist and has a business that researches and distributes products that specialize in pain relief and rehabilitation.

First up was the Thermotex Infra-red Therapy System, a heating pad that
uses far-infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep into tissue to reduce pain and promote healing by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation. I simultaneously placed the wrist model(Thermotex Wrist … More Information) of the pad on his hand and the platinum version (Thermotex Platinum … More Information) on his knee, for 45 minutes, and left them with him, advising use twice a day, which he’s done for the past three days, and counting.

Next up was the Genesis Pain-Relief Light( Genesis
Pain Relief Light … More Information
)which uses near-infrared
light to decrease inflammation, alleviate pain and accelerate the healing of wounds at a cellular level. I held it to his heel for several minutes and also instructed him to use it on his own.

So how has he fared? Although far from recovered, his swelling and pain
had decreased enough so that, by the third day of use, and the fifth day
following the accident, he was well enough to put on a suit and sandals and hobble into work.

My son the skeptic grudgingly admitted that he thought both devices had
helped to speed his recovery. Sometimes mothers do know best.

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Is the MOTOmed good for people with MS?

Many people who have MS use the MOTOmed Movement Therapy System to exercise daily in the comfort of their own home.

Abe, aged 52 was diagnosed with MS when he was 36.  Currently, he uses a wheelchair for mobility and like so many others credits the MOTOmed with giving him quality of life.

“I have less spasticity, better circulation, better bowel function, and it helps me maintain range of motions in my joints,” he says. ” I use it every morning.  It’s a great piece of equipment!”


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Can I use the Zenzu Ball Chair as a desk chair at work?

Yes, many people feel that they can work more comfortably for longer periods of time while seated on the height adjustable ball chair.  It prevents back discomfort, improves posture and works the core muscles as you “actively sit”.

Below is a testimonial from someone who took it to work:

” I moved to a different work place and now 5 c0-workers who see how much I love sitting and bouncing on my Zenzu Ball Chair would love to have a Ball Chair as well.  3 people want one like mine with the back but 2 people would like the one that doesn’t have the removable back at all”.


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Can I use the Genesis Pain Relief Light for undiagnosed knee pain?

Alan who had undiagnosed  pain in his knee whenever he knelt on it used the genesis pain relief light twice a day for 3 days and received pain relief. He was thrilled because he often needed to kneel when he worked with clients and he no longer had pain to limit him.



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Can the Thermotex Platinum be used for the shoulder?


Yes, the platinum pad has 3 units which can be moulded to go around the shoulder as well as any other joint.  It is our most versatile and popular model.

In a follow-up email I received the great testimonial below:

“I thought you would be interested to hear that my mother got some pain relief the very first time she used her Thermotex
infrared heating pad!  She was very pleased and showed us that she could move her arm more freely and painlessly after a single session.”


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Do you deliver the Resistance Chair Exercise System throughout Canada?

Yes, we do.  We deliver throughout Canada or you can buy the product through one of our many dealers.

Below is a recent testimonial from a very happy customer!

“Thank you so very much for this superb product and comprehensive
workout schedule. I’ve tried lots of fitness programs and either lost
interest or “hurt” something so badly as to quit. Temperatures of
-20ºC in the winter and +35 in the summer were good excuses to stay
indoors and avoid the drive to the gym or the walk around the park.
Welcome to weather in Ontario. It was go easy to just veg in front of
the TV. Well, now my TV has become my motivation to do another
lateral press or a few more bicep curls. Why, I worked my way through
15 reps and three sets for ALL the exercises the other night before I
realized I’d watched both an hour with Gibbs and an hour with
Callum on back to back episodes of NCIS. Life is good ! It is so encouraging to have seen an advertisement for a Canadian product, to have purchased it and then after using it, to be able to rave to all my
Bridge ladies about just how terrific it it. Eat your heart out
Shemar Moore. :)”


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Exercising with Resistance Chair if over 80 and not in shape??

You are NEVER too old or too out of shape to start exercising. One of the greatest advantages of the Resistance Chair is that from a safe, seated position you can do a full body workout that is gentle on your joints and doesn’t put you at risk of injury or falling.
As we age we lose muscle mass and muscle strength(called sarcopenia) and are prone to lose functional abilities if we don’t do resistance training to regain the loss.  So it’s great that you’re interested in doing resistance training with the Resistance Chair.  It’s also great for flexibility, cardio and balance exercises.

I suggest that you slowly build up your muscle strength and stamina.   In order that you don’t put too much stress on your joints or deconditioned muscles I would recommend using the level 4 cables(the ones with the blue tips which are approx 5 lbs)on the lower 2 pulleys for your forward and lateral(sideway) shoulder raises. They come separate in the box when you purchase the Resistance Chair with the instructions on how to easily change them in the manual. If you aren’t able to do 8 to 12 repetitions of each exercise without muscle fatigue then do less.   When your muscles start to feel tired then stop and slowly -after a couple of weeks increase the number of repetitions.  After you can do 8 – 12 reps without your muscles fatiquing then rest for about a minute and then do another set of reps.  Once you have done 3 sets of repetitions for each exercise you should consider going up to the next level of resistance cables.
In no time, you will regain lost muscle strength, have more stamina and energy and feel better!!
All the best in pursuing your health and fitness goals!!

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Ask……Comment…. or Make Recommendations

 This blog was created in order to encourage greater interaction between all of us.   I welcome your opinions regarding Wheels of Fitness’ products and The Rose Remedy Stress-Management Program both pro and con. 

  Please ask questions, comment or make recommendations on any subject about which you have an interest.  Furthermore, if you have recognized the need for a service or a certain type of product you’d like me to source, I’d love to hear from you. 

 I would really like our dialogue to be interactive for everyone’s mutual benefit.  Together let’s try to improve people’s fitness, health, independence and quality of life…one person at a time.

 I am excited about the opportunity to work together!

 In health & happiness,


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Hello world!

Welcome to our blog.  More content is on its way. Keep checking for new updates.

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