Prevent Back Pain – Get On The Ball (Chair)

At conferences and tradeshows, I’m often asked why I choose the Zenzu Ball Chair over a traditional exercise ball.  There are several reasons:

1. The steel frame of the Zenzu Ball Chair is height adjustable, which allows users of all sizes (from 5’0” to 6’1”) to choose their optimal ergonomic position

2. While traditional wide diameter balls offer the height needed, their increased diameter risk putting pressure on calves as the user’s legs drape around the circular sides of the ball. This pressure can potentially interfere with blood flow. The Zenzu Ball Chair, on the other hand, eliminates this problem. It’s 45 cm anti-burst ball sits securely in a steel frame that lifts users up and shifts their bodies into a natural ergonomic position.

3. The height adjustable back can be used to assist users until they are able to build up their core strength and no longer require a back support. Once users have a strong core, they now have the option of switching between periods of active sitting and periods of rest against the back support.

4. Mobility – The 5 castors allow users to easily glide the ball between locations (i.e. I use the ball to wheel from my desk to the printer).

5. Movement without Mobility – If the user prefers a stationary ball, a thin metal ring is available from the manufacturer which prevents the chair from rolling. This option is often useful in class situations, where children with ADD/ADHD can use the Zenzu Ball Chair to help with focus and attention. Children are able to bounce in place, without worry that they will roll away from their position.

Read what another worker had to say about her love for the Ball Chair!


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  1. exercises help my back feel better sometimes, but i wish there were a better way

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