Health Coaching Begins at Home

If charity begins at home, then it may be time for me to be as good to
myself as I try to be to others. To that end, I have now started to be my own
health coach to try to reach my fitness goals.

I have started with two key goals. First, I want to improve my stamina
so that I can carry a weight of 25 pounds to 30 pounds – say, the equivalent of
my grandson or a bag of groceries —  up two
flights of stairs without becoming short of breath. Second, I want to lose one
inch of abdominal (belly) fat.

I have set the beginning of February as my end date to coincide with a planned vacation when I will be hiking and, at times, wearing a bathing suit.

I’ve created an exercise schedule to include three sessions of interval
training and two sessions of full-body strength training, as well as core
exercises, each week. I also would like to do yoga with my daughter two nights
a week but our schedules may make that tricky. So I’ll consider the yoga a
bonus and not essential to reaching my goals. (While some health coaching pros
might not consider this a starting “baby step,” I feel I can make it work for

I have told my partner, Alan, and my friend, Terry, about my goals and
asked for their support. Both are on board. While I may have a piece of dark
chocolate after dinner, Alan has promised he will no longer tempt me with more
by bringing me an entire chocolate bar to eat at night.
I’m going to keep up regular progress reports, and hope to share them with you from time to time.  Stay connected and follow my journey.

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