How Whole Body Vibrational Training Tackles Abdominal Fat

Vibrational Training  helps you shake off  abdominal fat 

and keep it off!!!

A lot hasEasy 1 been written in the last few years about how important it is for us to lose excess belly fat.   Belly fat can be a combination of the fat that you can pinch between your fingers (subcutaneous) and fat deep around your internal organs(visceral fat).   It is the visceral fat that has been linked to hypertension, heart disease, vascular disorders, diabetes and other diseases.  Chances are if there’s obvious belly fat the hidden visceral fat is there as well.  And it can effect anyone – those who are overweight, of normal weight and even those otherwise thin.   There is a piece of exercise equipment that has been gaining increasing recognition for it’s role in combatting belly fat.  It is called whole body vibration (WBV).

A six-month study, done by Artesis University College and the University of Antwerp in Belgium in 2012  found that subjects who took part in whole body vibrational training lost two times more body fat than those doing cardio plus weight training.  And they sustained the loss over a 12-month period whereas the cardio/strength group didn’t.  Dr. Mercola, in his June 2012 newsletter, writes that there are over 200 published scientific studies documenting the benefits of WBV training, also known as Acceleration Training.

Works nearly 100% of Muscle Fibers (slow, fast and super-fast muscles)

We have three muscle fiber types, slow twitch, fast, twitch and super-fast twitch.

Slow twitch(red muscle) muscles are activated by traditional strength training and cardio exercises.

Fast twitch muscles(composed of fast and super-fast muscle fibres)  come into play when we are trying to keep our balance as when we’re walking on ice or about to fall.  They are activated even before we are aware we are about to trip or fall. They respond quickly, and have a very short range of motion.

The beauty of whole body vibration machines is that it utilizes all three types of muscle fibre- slow twitch, fast twitch and super-fast muscle . As a matter of fact, with WBV nearly 100% of muscles  contract as opposed to only 40% with regular exercise (only slow twitch muscles).  With the WBV machine what  feels like an easy workout is actually burning calories than you might expect as your body tries very hard to maintain your balance.  Since fast twitch muscles use our fat deposits and not glucose as their energy source, WBV training leads to faster fat loss.  And as an added bonus you don’t feel hungry when you finish your workout and thus you’re not prone to overeating post workout and adding the calories back.   So WBV decreases calories and stored fat!!  This is one of the main reasons that WBV machines are so efficient for anyone wanting to lose weight and shed inches off their waistline.

Burns Calories and Increases Metabolism’s not just the calories that are burned during a vibration session, but whole body vibration exercises have been shown to increase resting metabolism so that we can burn up to 30% more calories daily. Obviously, this would be a great help in not just losing the fat but maintaining your weight loss over time.

Eliminates Cellulite and the Appearance of Fat

Hate your cellulite? WBV can help get rid of those ugly dimples that are caused when the connective fibers in your skin pull down where body fat pushes up.  Any one can have cellulite but it is found mostly in women’s buttocks, thighs and upper arms.  Improving the circulation in areas prone to cellulite, which accelerated training does, helps to reduce cellulite and get rid of toxins.

Dr. Mercola states that  “In a 2004 German study, Whole Body Vibration training alone reduced cellulite on subjects’ thighs and buttocks. When cardio exercises were added to Vibration training, cellulite dropped even more.”

Decreases Cortisol

Another great benefit of WBV exercise is that it helps to control  cortisol,  that nasty stress hormone secreted by the adrenal glands and  the one hormone that increases as we age.   Excess levels of this stress hormone have serious negative effects on the body. It slows the healing process, decreases bone formation, increases blood pressure, reduces serotonin levels in the brain and impairs learning and memory.  And cortisol plays a role in increased belly fat.  When cortisol levels increase, blood sugar goes up(bad for diabetics) with a resultant increase in insulin.  Increased insulin levels lead to increased fat storage-especially in the abdomen which has more cortisol receptors.  The more belly fat you have, the more cortisol you produce, and a vicious cycle ensues. But studies have shown that WBV can have a dramatic effect on reducing cortisol – up to 32% in a 10-minute session.

Increases  Growth Hormone

Whole Body Vibration, stimulates the fast twitch muscles and thus has been shown to have a very positive effect on the production of Growth Hormone (GH), one of the good hormones produced by the pituitary gland. GH does many wonderful things for oweight lossur bodies including increasing lean muscle tissue, decreasing belly fat, increasing bone density, strengthening the immune systems and improving blood lipid levels.  Clinical studies have shown that WBV increased GH secretion by several hundred percent.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is an easy and most effective way to shake off pounds, and in only 15 minutes three times a week. With all the research showing the tremendous benefits of WBV machines, and their NOW affordable pricing, not only are WBV platforms giving treadmills a run for their money in gyms, spa’s, rehabilitation and long term care facilities, but they are increasingly popular for home use.



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