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What People are Saying

We realize that with any new technology there comes with it a degree of skepticism. Does it really work? It sounds too good to be true. From our CEO, to patients to Doctors to researchers, we’ve done our due diligence, and we know it works. But how does that help to alleviate your doubts and ease your concerns? Well, we’ve put a great deal of thought into that, and we want you to feel totally confident before you make your purchase, so here’s what we’ve come up with:

Try It Out First

Before you take the plunge and purchase your own personal unit, why not go to one of our retail practioner locations, check out the Genesis Pain Relief Light and maybe even have a treatment or two. Once you’ve satisfied your concerns you can either make your purchase from the practitioner or come back here and purchase online, it’s your call.

Hear the CEO's Story

Skeptical? Yes, I was too!" says CEO Tony Galipeau in a recent interview with Curtis Hayes,

"Tony, I have to be honest, I'm skeptical…you have to admit, it sounds too good to be true"

That was my first instinct when I first heard about the Genesis Pain Relief Light, and my instincts are almost always bang on! To be perfectly honest it sounded like quack science to me!

So, what changed your mind?

Well, I found myself buckled over on floor of the basketball court in excruciating pain clutching my leg screaming something like “…who the hell shot me?” (or words to the effect.) Three days later I was at home with my leg elevated, recovering from surgery to repair a fully ruptured Achilles tendon.

Ouch! When was that?

That was April Fools Day, only this was no joke. The surgeon had indicated at least 9 months for a full recovery! 9 months! There’s no way I could take 9 months to recover, the upcoming summer was too important to lose entirely.

But what could be more important than your recovery?

Nothing could be more important! It was the length of the recovery that I wasn’t prepared to accept. I was simply not prepared to miss the upcoming golf, slo pitch, and basketball seasons.

So, what did you do?

I had a choice between following my surgeon’s advice and wait out the 9 months, or try the Genesis Pain Relief Light under the guidance of my doctor buddy. What did I have to lose? I went out and got my hands on a Genesis Pain Relief Light!

And did it help?

Far more than I ever imagined. I used it every day, twice a day, and on June 26th, I played a full round of golf! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I was 100% healed on that date. I still favoured my leg, plus I took a cart, which I normally don’t do. But come on, a full round of golf!

You say you weren’t 100% healed, how much longer did it take?

I continued to use the light for the next 2 months and before the end of August, I had a full range of motion again. My surgeon was shocked at the speed of my recovery. I recovered in almost half the normal time! Plus I was able to play the entire second half of the golf season. I even finished 4th in the Chedoke Club Championship!

Couldn’t you just be an unusually quick healer?

Well, at my age (48) that’s unlikely, however I do hear what you’re saying. I wanted more evidence that this technology worked on other conditions as well. So I aggressively researched the technology and the industry.

And what were your findings?

I asked friends, family and business associates to try the Genesis Health Light on a whole array of soft tissue injuries, and the results were, well they were too good to be true! I researched light therapy and questioned the inventor at length. I was so impressed with the Genesis Health Light that I invested heavily into the company! A short time later I took over as the President & CEO.

And now I have a new saying: "The Genesis Pain Relief Light, it sounds too good to be true, but it truly is as good as it sounds!" And you have my word on that!

Hear What Dr's Are Saying

Dr Paul Ziemer says;

My name is Paul Ziemer. I am a chiropractor and I graduated from CMCC in 1997. I began using light therapy (both LED and Laser) in 1999. I found that the field was really beginning to publish some great research in terms of pain management and tissue healing and inflammation control. Initially, I used the therapy for extremity work like carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain and plantar fasciitis. As I learned more I saw very good results with neck and low back pain. My major concern was that patients needed to be using light therapy daily or sometimes twice daily for best results. This was not really practical in a typical clinical setting. I approached a group of engineers about building a portable treatment device. The result is Genesis Pain Relief Light. I think it will prove to be one of the best, if not the best medical innovation for home use ever made. I am excited by the results I have seen and I look forward to continuing to help my patients to live a life free from pain.

Dr Hao Wu says;

My name is Hao Wu. I am a Medical Doctor and medical researcher. For the past seven years I have focussed my research on arthritis pain mechanisms and treatments. I have conducted several clinical studies on light therapy for knee osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. I investigated 155 patients with knee pain or hand/wrist pain due to arthritis or nerve inflammation and treated them with Genesis Pain Relief Light. The purpose of the study was to determine the extent, if any, of improvement after therapy. I found there was a significant improvement in 87% of patients with knee pain, and 84% of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Significant improvement is defined as reduction in symptoms. (Pain reduction and improved sleep.)

Genesis Pain Relief Light can penetrate the skin and reach deep tissue, muscle and blood vessels without overheating the surface of the skin. Research shows that below 28 °C no wound healing is possible due to slow metabolism. Without sufficient oxygen no energy can be produced and a sufficient tissue blood flow is required for healing. Genesis Pain Relief Light increases tissue temperature, tissue oxygen, partial pressure and tissue perfusion. These three factors are vital for a sufficient tissue supply with energy and oxygen which is decisive for wound healing and infection defence. This mechanism explains why Genesis Pain Relief Light has such good clinical results on wounds and pain treatments.

What People Are Saying

Earlier this year I had a bicycle accident and separated my shoulder and severely sprained my wrist.  I was told that at a minimum it would take 6 weeks for the soft tissue to recover and then physio after that to regain strength and range of motion.    Using the Genesis Pain Relief Light  twice a day for about 5 weeks, and then once a day thereafter I was able to significantly reduce the amount of pain, and accelerate the healing process.   I was back lifting weights within 10% of my pre-injury level by the 7th week, much faster than I would have expected.   The Genesis Light  shortened my healing time, and allowed me to get back to my usual activities sooner.  

Chris. L. (Toronto)

My daughter had ankle pain for a several months from gymnastics. We decided to try the Genesis Health Light, and the results were awesome! My daughter wore ankle braces every day to gym and now she hasn't used them in over two months. Thanks so much!

Happy V

My lower back felt great after one treatment with the Genesis Health Light. Typically after an hour in the driver’s seat it begins to stiffen up and become sore. To add to that I drove home, packed up the car, and drove another 600 miles to N. Carolina with no lower back pain. It wasn't until our return back home 10 days later that it began to bother me again. God bless.

Edward B

I found the treatments helped. I think with more treatments the pain would diminish totally.


After the second treatment there was a huge change in the reduction of pain and numbness. There is no more numbness or tingling at all, day or night.


The Genesis Health Light seemed to result in much less pain and discomfort with my daily activities. I especially noticed how much my sleep improved.


Simple tasks like reading the newspaper, writing, and using a keyboard caused numbness and tingling in my wrists and hands. The Genesis Health Light has provided considerable relief, and I would recommend it to anyone with similar symptoms.


I have found some relief from the pain in my wrist with the Genesis Health Light. I still have some pain but it is not severe anymore. This treatment has allowed me to use my wrist again. Thank you.